Lean on me.
Time won't wait for us. You will remain as a lingering attachment. Please nod along and say you want me too.

Who am I in this gray dimension?

Precious Hannie

Best friendUmmaMy panda

"Don’t break the trust, because it’s painful when you hurt people who believe in you." Shim Minkyu

Make me chooseChen or  Leo

I hope Panda and I get to watch more shows together today

it was so much fun yesterday! asdfghjkldfsdfwer

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it hilarious trying to watch this with Marvin ngl


cuz every few minutes one of us has to stop so the other can catch up.

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Falling inside the black...
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[!!] We’re not trending anything tonight for Jo Twins’ Birthday to respect the Sewol ferry incident that happened last week.

cr. @Boyfriend_heree

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Make me choose: Mark Tuan or Jackson Wang

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Make me choose  

8bitskulls asked: Irreversible or Bloom

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Track: Alone
Artist: Aerodrone
Album: Sceneboy


"Alone" -Aerodrone

And i’ll tell you that i love you,
like you want me to say!
And if you try to leave me,
i’ll make you find me again.